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DekeConnect has Officially Launched!

We're thrilled to introduce DekeConnect, a revolutionary AI-powered networking platform designed to foster connections between DKE alumni and undergraduates like never before. Our goal? To enhance our brotherhood through professional growth and mentorship.

DekeConnect allows users to submit questions seeking career advice or other networking opportunities. Questions will be run against an algorithm, which will match the question to the most relevant and qualified alumni in our database. Then, the matched alumnus is invited to respond to the invitation. If they accept the invitation, they can start the conversation and respond to the asker's question. If they choose not to accept, the AI will send the question to the next most qualified alumni until a successful connection is achieved.


Key Features of the Platform:

  • AI-Powered Matching: Submit your career-related questions and let our intelligent algorithm find the perfect Deke alum to help guide you. Whether you're seeking career advice, networking opportunities, or mentorship, DekeConnect makes the introduction.

  • Privacy and Control: Engage on your terms. Alumni will receive notifications to connect and can choose to accept, ensuring meaningful and relevant matches.

  • Ease of Access: DekeConnect requires no account creation or login credentials, making your experience smooth and straightforward.

  • Cross-Chapter Connections: Our platform unites Dekes from all chapters, expanding your networking opportunities across our global brotherhood.

For Alumni: This is your chance to give back and make a significant impact on a young Deke's career. Share your knowledge, offer guidance, and connect with other alumni in the process.

For Undergraduates: Utilize the wealth of experience and advice that our alumni base can offer and use this opportunity ti shape your career path. Connect with alumni who have been where you are and have achieved what you aspire to.

DekeConnect is not designed to replace our current LinkedIn group, but to serve as a complement with added capabilities, emphasizing direct, individual, AI-enhanced connections.

Join Us! The platform is live and waiting for your questions and the opportunity to make impactful connections. Whether you're seeking advice or willing to offer it, DekeConnect is here to bridge the gap.

Try DekeConnect today and be part of shaping our fraternity's future. Your next great connection is just a click away.


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