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DekeConnect is Coming Soon!


DekeConnect is our new AI-based networking platform designed to foster professional connections among alumni and undergraduates alike. A better way for Dekes to utilize the vast professional network of our fraternity has long been a requested addition. We're proud to finally be nearing the launch of our platform designed to achieve this, DekeConnect.

We've been getting a lot of questions as to how the platform will work, so let us explain...

Alumni or undergraduate Dekes looking to network can submit a query on the DekeConnect website. Based upon the query, the asker will be matched with a Deke who, based on our AI, is selected as a quality match to be able to answer the question submitted. Alumni who are identified as potential matches will receive an email asking if they would like to accept the question. If they choose to accept, they can reply to the asker and start a conversation. If they choose to decline or ignore the invitation, the question will be sent to the next best match.


If identified as a match, one will receive an email that looks like this:


When asking a question on our platform, one will be asked several "about you" questions, then taken to this page to submit your query.


It’s essential to the success of the platform to have accurate alumni career data. The more accurate and current our career data is, the better the matches that our AI will generate.

Ensure that you’re ready by updating your contact information with our database HERE.



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